Kathrin Hangarter Stuttgart, Germany

Kathrin Hangarter

“I have been doing business with SK Handicrafts Export since 2010. The family-run business is a totally reliable and trustworthy company. The cashmere products are remarkable and quality is just outstanding!
SK Handicrafts Exports manufacture their own products. We have visited the factory various times. It further sells the products in a shop in the town and also exports it across the world. The latter has become even more important, as tourists stayed away since the devastating earthquake in 2015.
The founder takes great care of the people and his business. We have a superb business relationship.
I can strongly advise everyone visiting Kathmandu to visit SK Handicrafts and buy some of the goods. Believe me – doing business for 10 years now, I know this is a great business with top quality cashmere and it totally deserves to be supported”

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